A Review of the Goddess of Craft, Erica Domesek’s, latest DIY


(Domesek in her second home…her craft closet!) 

Some people buy things, others make them. Erica Domesek has turned crafting into a DIY coveted lifestyle. While some might know her as the face behind the popular blog, P.S. – I made this…  others may follow her fun and wit on Instagram @PSIMADETHIS. Domesek’s latest project a book titled “P.S. – You’re Invited…:40+ DIY Projects for All Your Fashion, Home Decor and Entertaining Needs” is a DIY bible.


(a colorful sequined filled cover is the only way)

The 176 page book (Atria 2013), debuts September 10th to an awaiting and daily growing fan base (Domesek currently has over 80K followers on Instagram). The book, as colorful and bubbly as the writer, is filled with step-by-step guides for the craft lover, new or old Domesek has provided a little something for everyone.

Confused where to find the best glue gun? Searching for the perfect pompom? Domesek makes sure she not only provides you with the steps, but also a peek into her DIY Little Black Book, citing the names of the best places to shop crafty. Not to worry if you’re a visual learned, she’s made sure to include video links with all the special how-to details.


(via Elle)

After reading through “P.S. – You’re Invited…” it’s difficult to imagine a life before you see a rainy day as an opportunity to host a Mexican fiesta, a twist to girl’s night in, or the tons of other projects that will inspire the crafty kid within all of us. DIY away with Domesek’s guiding hand, and don’t forget your glue gun the next time you head out you never know what you’ll find to make and create once she’s lit your creative spark!


Samantha Yanks ~ clues us in on all things summer & more


(Samantha Yanks with Dylan Lauren and Debra Halpert) 

There’s only one person to go to for the full Hamptons summer scoop. She’s a creative force, a loving mother, and a damn good editor! If you don’t know her, by summer’s end you definitely will. Samantha Yanks is a tour-de-force, recently taking on the role of Executive Fashion Director of Niche Media on top of her jobs as Editor in Chief of the summer favorite, Hamptons Magazine and as Editor at Large of New York’s, Gotham. With the official kickoff of summer this weekend, there was no better time to chat with Yanks and get an earful on all things summer, from how she’s celebrating the 35th anniversary of Hamptons, to what she’s looking forward to doing on the East End this summer. So, dig in!

Haley Sherif: First off Happy 35th Anniversary of Hamptons! It’s a big one. Can you believe it’s been thirty-five seasons?

Samantha Yanks: It’s a great honor to be the Editor in Chief at the helm of Hamptons Magazine. The brand is celebrating its 35th anniversary this season which, as you said, is a major milestone. We have been using the hashtag #Hamptons35 pre-season to begin the celebration, but this weekend, as tradition, over Memorial Day Weekend our issue finally hits! Anniversaries are a time for celebration to look back with retrospectives and look ahead to see where we are taking this great magazine.


(Yanks with Kelly Bensimon & Debra Halpert)

Haley Sherif: How has the magazine evolved since you first started as Editor-in-Chief?

Samantha Yanks: I’ve been the Editor in Chief of Hamptons Magazine for three years, but involved with the title for nearly a decade. The wonderful part about magazines is that the soul can remain the same but the magazine itself can morph and change with the times. In anticipation of our 35th anniversary I spent quite a bit of time in our archives and what the common thread amongst the 500 plus issues I went through is that they are similar to a time capsule. You can really imagine what the Hamptons was like in 1978, the year it launched  to today. Being able to put my imprint on that is a great honor. There are some cornerstone moments for the magazine that have been there for years such as The List and our event coverage (readers flip right to those photos), but there are aspects that change and new sections that get introduced. A magazine like Hanptons has to keep pace with what is happening in the community. Real estate coverage has expanded over the years because the buying and selling and building of homes has our focus on the culinary scene and local vineyards has been expanded. So too has our focus on fitness. We are a magazine that celebrates community and  there is no better way to report on that than celebrating those that are philanthropically minded. When I look ahead at the content for this summer I’m quite proud of where the brand is going.


(Yanks with Donny Detusch, Star Jones, Rosanno Scotto, and Matt Lauer) 

HS: How are you celebrating?

SY: This summer will be full of celebration for our 35th anniversary. We’ll kick off with our Annual Memorial Day Party, this year with Brooke Shields who is on the cover. The issue has a spectacular retrospective of the last 35 years. A few weeks later we have a very special 35th anniversary issue that I think will become a true collectivle. I can’t reveal too much but we’ll have an exclusive dinner and event at which we’re auctioning off for charity several bicycles designed by East End Luminaries. You will see special touches throughout the summer to honor this anniversary in our editorial and our events. Right before the season kicks off on I featured a list of my personal 35 Hamptons must haves for the season.

SOUTHAMPTON FRESH AIR HOME 25th Annual American Picnic With Fireworks By GRUCCI

(Yanks with husband David and daughter Sadie

HS: Hamptons season kicked off this weekend! What can we expect from our favorite summer time read in the next few months?

SY: The season is filled with the bold face names from those that appear on the cover to a host of new writers in our table, With twelve issues across the summer we really are able to showcase the diversity in our subjects. We have some of the world’s most celebrated athletes, chefs, actors, interior designers, and activists on the cover and the fact that they all live in our community is what makes it unlike any place in the world.


(check out Sam’s Memorial Day Weekend plan on Soludus)

HS: On a more personal note, there’s cause for celebration in your own life – you’ve become Executive Fashion Director for such Niche Media magazines as Miami’s Ocean Drive, Los Angeles’s Confidential and several others! How has that changed your day to day?

SY: In addition being the Editor in Chief of Hamptons and the Editor at Large for Gotham as you mentioned I’ve taken on the role of Executive Fashion Director of Niche Media which means overseeing all of our fashion content across the titles across the country. I’ve worked so closely with the editors in all of our cities over the years and my background is in fashion so the move has been a very organic one. While we have one corporate mission as Niche Media it’s critical that our magazines have hyper local fashion. The way women and men dress in Boston versus Los Angeles is quite different and the way they buy accessories in Las Vegas differs greatly from the way they shop in Washington DC or New York. They might all be buying Chanel but what pieces they are buying differs greatly from city to city. So, I work closely with the editors, retailers, and buyers to understand those nuances. That is critical for our business. I am truly doing what I love. I’m writing this on the plane on the way back from where we shot a fashion story and everything was 100% locally sourced.


HS: What are you looking forward to most about this Hamptons season?

SY: Hamptons season means summertime! Working on a high content, high energy, highly demanding weekly magazine is exhilarating. Plus our daughter Sadie loves nothing more than summer in the Hamptons.

HS: Thanks Samantha for another #spyluxe chat! Here’s to an amazing summer season! Cheers! 

For more #spyluxe treats follow Samantha on twitter & instagram @SamanthaYanks


“All in all this has been a tough week” ~ couldn’t agree more, goodnight Boston

a moment of reflection

The last time an extreme act of terrorism occurred I was too young to understand what was going on. I remember being in library, my mom coming to pick me up from school early, asking her what had happened, and still not understanding, not able to grasp perhaps, the immensity of what had occurred that morning. Because I lived in New York I could look out my window, barely able to see through the smoke, and see firsthand what they described for weeks afterwards on the news, in the papers, over the phone, via email.


This year was my first Marathon Monday. I have experienced numerous NY marathons and I was excited to see what differentiated Boston’s. I was also annoyed because of the race it was impossible to get anywhere by taxi and I ended up on the t after walking back and forth attempting to figure out how to cross the street. Within the hour any annoyance had been left behind with the beer cans, water cups, encouraging signs, and other race paraphernalia left littering the street.

My best friend called me saying two minutes ago she’d heard to loud booms and quickly left the area. I think I may have laughed, it was probably just horns or music going off, she was a few feet from the finish line. We all know now what those noises weren’t. In the moments following the bombs we reached out to our loved ones, to our friends, our families, our coworkers, going through our address books through twitter, Facebook, email and texts, confirming that they were fine, that they were safe.

It was all to eerily reminiscent of what we had experienced in 2001. This time I was old enough to determine what I read and listened to in the time preceding the events. But, I didn’t know what to do. I sat stunned on a friend’s couch. Hours before I had been wandering around the marathon sidelines, I lived on Boylston Street. We turned on the news watching it for hours, watching the endless coverage of bloodiness and sadness appear and reappear on the screen. I refreshed twitter every thirty seconds reading everything I could.

We screamed from couch to bedroom from couch again confirming and reconfirming the details we were reading in live-time as the death and injured numbers increased. This morning when I woke up I smiled as I looked out the window at the beautiful blue sky, it was another gorgeous day, like yesterday, and then I was quickly reminded of yesterday’s events. We won’t be okay for awhile, but we will be okay eventually. It will take time, but we all have the time to give, lending shoulders, love, and kindness to all in need of it.

Haley interviews Veronica Miele Beard & Veronica Swanson Beard of Veronica Beard

VSB & VMB_hi-res portrait

Veronica Swanson Beard and Veronica Miele Beard

Veronica Beard is the brainchild of sister-in-laws Veronica Miele Beard and Veronica Swanson Beard. The American sportswear label was created in 2010. all. With a combined seven children between the two of them, the Veronica’s are an ideal example of women who manage to have it Below they share the story behind the label, how they define “the uniform”, and more! 

Haley Sherif: How would you describe your style?

Veronica Swanson Beard: I really live by the philosophy of The Uniform.  I am always inspired by the way American women in the 70’s and 80’s dressed so my style is more classic American.  I love the play of classic prep and boho.  A t-shirt or denim button own, jeans, a blazer, stilettos and a great old belt with a fabulous buckle is my go -to look.  I also love accessories.  I collect vintage clutches and jewelry.  The bigger earrings, pendants and bangles the better!

Veronica Miele Beard: My style is unexpected and eclectic. i love trying new things and sometimes take an occasional fashion risk. Generally speaking, I love wearing a classic and edging it up with a little rock & roll for instance, a moto jkt over an evening gown or a fur vest over a blinged army jacket.


magenta tux blazer

HS: You’re both juggling kids, social lives, and work. What’s your secret for doing it all?

VSB: We both have a good sense of priorities and family is always first.  We rely on each other in almost everything- business, husbands, in-laws, kids.  People can’t believe that we’re sister-in-laws and actually get along!  We realize we are exceptionally lucky to have one another and it doesn’t hurt that when we need to we can be in two places at one time because we have the same name!!

VMB: I think our secret is that we have each other. Veronica understands my situation and I get hers. We are always covering for each other and helping out.  It’s also easy that we are family so we can double team the in-laws!


white long and lean with zip off sleeves

HS: What are a few of your wardrobe essentials?

VSB: Denim shirts, J Brand jeans, Manolo Blahnik BBs, anything from Zara, Vintage bags and jewelry.  I love all of our VB jackets- my Spring favorites are the long and lean with zip off sleeves and the denim safari jacket.  I can’t wait for my Fall leather over vest- it was the thing that i wore throughout market and it’s just such cool statement piece and so versatile!

VMB: Classic VB jacket with different dickies for any time of year, leather balenciaga motorcycle jacket (by nicolas ghesquiere), vb peasant dress for the beach, a perfect fitting tux jacket, VB trek pants for casual or fancy occasions.


zinc tile print pant

HS: Tell me about the story behind Veronica Beard.

VMB: The story is that Veronica and I have the same name but are extremely different. In this, “we are our customer” and try to design pieces that we would want in our own closets.  We both love the same pieces, especially when we began with a line of only jackets with dickeys. The secret sauce to owning our individual style is how differently we wear and style the same pieces.

HS: Where does your inspiration come from?

VMB: We are inspired by icons through history and by what makes certain pieces classics and/or so memorable? We’re also inspired by the great women of today and how these iconic ideas can work into the girl’s daily life. What is she really wearing?


chambray safari jacket 

HS: Did you ever think you would be as successful as you are now?

VSB: That is the nicest compliment!  We really measure our success by the women we meet who are VB fans and tell us that we’ve really nailed it in terms of need and fit.

VMB: We’re successful and popular?

HS: Define “The Uniform”.

VMB: “The uniform” refers to all the pieces that we wear over and over day after day. They are the pieces you can’t live without and they make you feel comfortable and gorgeous. Uniform pieces are not too precious and are investment pieces.

HS: Name a few all-time favorites from the line.

VMB: My silk army jacket from our first spring line, (we have a better army jacket this Spring in case you missed the first), and the navy tux jacket that I wore with bell bottom jeans to the Stones concert! I felt the vibe of Mick that night.

HS: What woman does VB represent?

VMB: VB represents a woman who wants to feel as gorgeous as she looks effortlessly. She’s got some edge and is confident tackling every aspect of her day.

HS: Summer is on the horizon! What are your plans?

VMB: Plans are to travel a bit and visit as many stores as we can where we sell VB. The only way to truly understand our customer is to go to the stores and meet them. It’s fascinating to see and hear what women in different cities and countries are wearing and what they are looking for. We will be taking a trip this summer to Matches of London where VB will be carried exclusively for Fall ’13. We’re thrilled!

HS: Finally, do you have any exciting projects in the works?

VMB: We’re working on plans for a new showroom. It will be exciting to decorate and portray the brand from a new location closer to our office.

Balmain Crazed

All I can say is wow about these Balmain jeans! They are perfect, I die for them, I am obsessed with them, I want to wear them all week. I might actually. Paired with a graphic Iro tee and black Theyskens sweater they are perfect, but the look from the runway below is also a fresh take and ideal inspiration for a more office appropriate take. (Side note ~ the ones below are WAY more expensive then the ready to wear pair I grabbed up, but look identical! Gotta love a fashion steal). Whichever way you wear them they are utterly chic. Monday, Tuesday, & all weekday blues are solved now!




brunch attire

If you know me, you know I love brunch. Brunch is the answer to all ~ you can sleep in, wear casual clothes, eat delicious food, and be with friends (what’s better!). On Sunday I went to Comodo, a mexican restaurant in the West Village that I had never been to before. It was the perfect hidden in the wall haunt to spend a few hours catching up with friends over a long brunch of eggs benedict, cups of coffee, and churros and hot chocolate for dessert!

Screen Shot 2013-03-25 at 11.37.23 AM

Current Elliott denim 

I decided to break in a pair of Current Elliott tribal patterned denim, paired with a pretty frilly Iro tank blouse, and a red Helmut Lang sweater. I usually shy away from color so the sweater was a definite change, but I added a leather jacket to stick a little closer to the black/downtown vibe comfort zone I’m found of. It was a cute comfortable look to take me through the whole day from brunch, to late coffee with a friend, to the train ride back to Boston, to a late night meeting. I guess I change of hair started a domino effect, pretty soon I’ll only be in color (you can dream)!


Helmut Lang sweater 

snip snip ~ short hair on the loose


before & after shots


new hair, cause for laughs

Saturday morning marked a new day in hair for me! After little thinking I cut it all off. Most spend weeks even months mulling over whether to cut, how much to cut, what to cut, etc. My friend told me to cut it off and I went for it (I’m not usually so daring or easily persuaded, but sometimes…)



Alexa Chung hair look alike 

Don’t get me wrong I was sweating the entire time and if I was a nail biter I wouldn’t have much left, but as these things usually do it went fine! More than fine I’m in love, unconditional love, for it actually. I think it’s a little a la Alexa Chung which is fine by me, but I’m loving all the comments, adoration, “oh, your hair!” etc. Give me a day (or a few of it) I’ve never gone short or drastic. But, it’s fun and makes a hell of a better Monday when there’s a fresh look to celebrate.


The Phillip Lim Jacke

This weekend I debuted the haircut along with a brand new amazing, gorgeous, to die for Phillip Lim denim jacket. It’s oversized chain patchwork goodness that’s a staple I can’t wait to wear throughout spring and summer. Though it wasn’t quite warm enough I took it for a spin regardless, heading to the Bowery to meet up with friends for a little shopping and dinner. I paired the denim gem with dark wash R13 skinnies, a white tee and Helmut Lang sweater, and Isabel Marant booties. I added a scarf because it’s still not quite seasonal weather yet.

TGIF so Dress Up!

Newsflash ~ it’s almost the weekend! TGIF indeed. What I always find absolutely fascinating is that we are so exhausted by the end of the work week that it takes all the effort in the world to throw on one more outfit before we get to pull of the weekly uniform and sink into weekend casual wear. But, after having a really lovely conversation last night I just felt inspired to make today’s look count. I wore jeans all weekend and finally, despite the temps which are in the mid-30s today, I just felt like throwing on a dress!




And so I did it. Last night I exchanged the denim and tee which I’d laid out in preparation for this morning for a short Thakoon black and white dress and cropped ALC grey sweater with snakeskin-esque elbow patches. I accessorized with Isabel Marant bike boots and a black PS1. It’s a simple look, but I’ve received lots of compliments on it already.




It’s nice not to dress down just because we’ve made it through the week, it feels like a better time to dress up in celebration of a few days of R & R. So, next week plan to dress up, it also makes a transition to dinner that much easier, xo.

rag & bone chic


Yesterday was a gorgeous day in Boston, the sun was shinning, the temperatures were warm enough to walk around sans coat, and it was the perfect day to stroll down Newbury Street running errands and even stopping by Pinkberry for a cold treat. My friend works at Rag & Bone on Newbury and I finally had the chance to go say hi and get styled by her. She’s super talented and has a great eye so I was automatically excited for what the afternoon held. After taking me around the store and gathering a handful of different looks we settled on two key pieces that I just had to have – a gorgeous multicolored shrunk knit and a perfect thin black belt.




Both items complemented the R & B boyfriend jeans I was already wearing and when accessorized with Isabel Marant boots and a Rick Owens leather the outfit was complete. I’m wearing the knit again today and can’t wait to have fun accessorizing it when the warmer weather returns (winter is back again)!