Marant Meet ALC

by haley sherif

I’m all about versatile when it comes to getting dressed in the morning. The more versatile the look is the better I feel in it. I love putting something on and feeling a million bucks in it and having that feeling last. Some week’s are more relaxed than others, where days on ends are full with summer activities and lazy coffees, where others are packed full and tight requiring me to run here to from all morning, afternoon, and night.

Yesterday was one of those insane days and to add a bit to the craziness it was hot and humid and the afternoon called for torrential thunderstorms and lots of rain! No matter what it’s difficult to create one look for work, a work event, and a dinner, but add the weather to the mix and it could be a downright disaster. I created a look from the bottom up starting with a new pair of taupe Isabel Marant booties.

Next I added a now favorite pair of loose sage ALC trouser pants, it was too hot to consider skinnies. I love the mixed and matched look of wearing an uneven Gryphon purple and white blouse, the contrast with the cut and color looks fun, but tailored enough for the office.

Since I’m cold all the time when indoors I brought along a new black IRO lightweight blazer that looks amazing on. It’s the kind of piece that makes me fall hard in love and be thankful for once for the freezing office temps. If IRO, ALC, and Marant had a love child this is what it would look like, xo.