Haley interviews Aviva Drescher

by haley sherif

Aviva Drescher is one of three new housewives on the hit Bravo series Real Housewives of New York. Born and raised in New York Aviva is a confident, cool, and collected mother of four. When she was just six years old she suffered a horrific accident, where she lost one of her legs. While most women might be self conscious Aviva makes it her mission to not let herself become the center of attention, but instead use her experience to help others. She works as the National Spokesperson for One Step Ahead, an organization for amputees. On her way out to Watermill to spend the weekend with her kids and husband, Aviva dished on her fall wardrobe, her secrets to success, and more!

HS: How would you describe your style?

AD: Classic, elegant with a modern twist. I try to show my assets in an age appropriate manner.

HS: What are your must have items for fall?

AD: My Helmut Lang black blazer with leather sleeves, boots, jeans, and chunky sweaters. My usual go-tos. To be honest I don’t look at magazines and trends and buy new things every season. I do not have the time and often prefer what is in my closet.

HS: How do you juggle it all and still remain so chic?

AD: Thank you! I try to keep it all simple. As far as “chic” is concerned I tend to go with minimal accessories, muted colors and simple clean lines. That way, when I am in a rush (which is always) no matter what I grab to wear, it looks pulled together.

HS: What’s the secret for dressing for success?

AD: It is individual. (1) Pick a look that is figure flattering and compliments your hair and makeup. (2) Always dress appropriately for the event which you are attending. (3) Choose colors that flatter your hair color and skin tone. I really prefer all neutral colors.  (4) You can never be overdressed. (5) You can never be too elegant, classic, or understated. When is doubt, leave off the jewelry and accessories.

HS: This was your first season of Real Housewives of New York. Did a lot go into making sure you never recycled the same outfit twice?

AD: I had to come up with about 160 outfits. Most of which you will never see. I got creative!

HS: What are your go to beauty and hair products?

AD: Fred Brandt skin products, Yarok Hair products (organic), and Biologie Recherche P50 astringent.

HS: You went through a horrible accident as a child, but you’ve turned your experiences into something good for others. Why is it important for you to give back?

AD: I have lived 35 years wearing a prosthetic limb. It came easy to me and I don’t know life any differently. I feel a tremendous responsibility to help others given my experience and ease. It is so important to have well made prosthetics that fit well and look good. For those who cannot afford them, I have made it my mission to raise money. It is tough enough being an amputee . People should not be without the basics which are well fitting and  self esteem boosting limbs. Especially children and teens who are in their formative years. The show has given me a terrific platform to help out on a larger scale.

HS: You have four children. Do they have their own style yet?

AD: That is a great question! When the children are under 5 years old, they have to wear what I choose which is traditional clothing. (Brooks Brothers for boys and smocked dresses and bows for girs). After 5 years old, I allow the children room for self expression with their clothing choices. My two older children like to dress very casually and grungy. They look homeless half the time. Of course, when we have formal occasions, I decide what gets worn!

HS: Any fun plans for the rest of the summer?

AD: The whole family will be vacationing in watermill together in the Hamptons. I am in the car right now.  So excited!