there’s a new girl in town

by haley sherif

Frankenstorm aka Sandy 

And her name is Sandy! I’m currently writing after about a week long hiatus due to work, socializing, not making the time to blog, etcetera. Sometimes things get in the way, but taking a bit of breathing room makes coming back all the better anyway. I’m writing while waiting for Sandy to show herself. Around six Amtrak shutdown, so I’m stuck in New York until further notice. I didn’t take the storm too seriously this weekend instead relishing in a spin class and fun and relaxed brunches with friends (brunching is a huge favorite thing of mine to do).

current read 

While I did get some extra water tonight and made sure I had charged my blackberry, I’m looking forward to being shut inside for some time. Tomorrow I think I’ll spend the day leisurely reading, doing some work, sending some emails, and hopefully getting a brand new post out, fingers crossed the electricity is working, while we wait out the Perfect Storm! I hope all are safe and sound – be indoors & be alert!