back to Boston we go

by haley sherif

After countless hours on the phone with Amtrak and a handful of cancellations later, I landed in Boston this morning after a full week stuck in New York in the wake of the hurricane’s devastation. Deciding on taking the earliest flight out of JFK sounded like a good idea at first and pulling an all-nighter sounded like the smartest solution to being dressed at 4:00 am, but instead both resulted in an extremely long and tedious day. Lucky for me I wasn’t in lockdown alone, another girlfriend of mine, who also lives in Boston, was my travel mate, and the travel time flew by!

I have to say after a weeklong unexpected absence it’s nice to be back, back home to bean town, where I’m not on the phone every five minutes trying to get out of the city or glued to the news. It was nice to wander around Newbury Street with a friend and sit in the Commons talking, enjoying the chilly fall breeze and gorgeous trees, all covered in beautiful red leaves.

For a comfortable travel look, yet appropriate look for the rest of the day and dinner later on with friends, I choose comfy R13 denim, layered it with a Helmut Lang tee and sweater, topped it off with a leather jacket and scarf for warmth, and accessorized with Isabel Marant booties and a hamsa necklace from Giada Forte. Of course my Balenciaga tote made for the perfect carryall. Turned out my friend had nearly the same look on, Marants, Lang, and Balenciaga included – chic minds think alike!

Helmut Lang sweater

On a side note, I was going to stop writing for a month, take an extended break, but after an encouraging conversation with a girlfriend I realized that blogging is what makes me happy and what gives me a sense of accomplishment even on the laziest of days. Blogging has led me to make relationships I never otherwise would have and allowed me to engage in intimate conversations with the likes of editors, designers, and celebrities. If it makes me happy it’s worth doing. It’s silly to be scared. My friend accurately summed up why when she quoted an archaic writer – fate loves the fearless. So keep doing what you love, keep on your hustle, and don’t let obstacles ever deter you.