holiday blues in IRO

by haley sherif


First off I want to apologize for being so MIA for the last week or so! It’s been a hectic few days, rushing around tying loose ends up back in Boston, and as soon as I got back to New York I’ve been crazy busy since between holiday dinners, coffees with friends, and last minute Christmas shopping before my vacation officially begins on Monday. Though unfortunately I only made it to day three of sixteen, I’m still very much involved in the holiday spirit back in New York City.


As I took a cab home from dinner with a friend I looked out the window at all the gorgeous lights, the huge wreaths, and the glowing trees, though it was raining the weather didn’t seem to effect the city’s spirit whatsoever – there is truly no where else to celebrate the season in quite like New York! I’m so happy to be home and indulging in favorite restaurants, coffees, and even a few trips to the theater.


Wednesday night I went to an early dinner at Sirio with my mom followed by Katie Holmes Broadway show, Dead Accounts. I was debating between a black, red, and blue dress, and after some debate settled on a bright blue IRO dress with a sexy slit in the back. I toned down the sexiness, and prepared for the cold, with a brand new pair of black leather Stuart Weitzman boots (which I absolutely adore and have been wearing obsessively since I bought them on Tuesday), and a great black IRO jacket with leather shoulder pads.


I topped off the outfit with a simple black diamond long necklace, borrowed from my mother, a YSL clutch, and a new faux fur scarf that my friend gave to me as a Christmas present from Intermix. It was a great evening, and though I was unable to attend the debut of a new line at my friends store, Blue & Cream, I enjoyed a festive evening with family.

Screen Shot 2012-12-21 at 12.09.34 AM

Though I was lacking on the posting front I have plenty of holiday outfits to share, so hopefully I’ll be able to make up for the brief absence! Back to blogging daily I swear!