Haley interviews Heather Thomson

by haley sherif


Real Housewife turned house hold name courtesy of her fashion forward and functional shapewear collection Yummie Tummie, Heather Thomson dishes on her style, her secrets to success, and more!

HS: How would you describe your style?

HT: I always like to mix it up and experiment with new looks, but my style is generally pretty rock-n-roll with a mix of my favorite designers like Helmut Lang, Rag & Bone, and Ann Demeulemeester. I also love accessorizing everything.

HS: What is the story behind your brand Yummie Tummie?

HT: Yummie by Heather Thomson was born out of a selfish initiative and an A-ha moment. After giving birth, like so many others, I struggled with losing the baby weight. So, I went to the shapewear department to help boost my confidence during the arduous process of weight loss, but I was horrified wit what I found there. I felt as if the department was frozen in time, I was looking at my grandmother’s girdle! I leaned back on years of design experience and my desire for something different and pulled out my sewing machine. From there I developed my signature, patented 3-panel tank. I knew that if I needed a different kind of shapewear that other women needed it too, and Yummie Tummie was born. Today my brand is an innovative and modern solution for foundation pieces. It is about empowering women and it continues to grow!


HS: What challenges you about the business?

HT: My products are always so well received, so to see others imitating my designs within weeks of introducing them is very difficult. They take an innovative idea and instantaneously cheapen it. As an inventor, I need to protect my intellectual property. As a designer I want to stand for innovation.

HS: How do you balance both motherhood and work?

HT: I’ve learned to compartmentalize when balancing my family and my business. When I’m at work, I’m at work, and when I’m with my family, my attention is one hundred percent on them.

HS: What accessories can you not live without?

HT: My Persol sunglasses, my Rachel Brown Kabbalah cuff, and my Good Charma python bag. My newest obsession is collecting C-Wonder reading glasses, I already have six pairs!

HS: What Yummie product is your favorite? Any exciting new Yummie additions you can share with us?

HT: My favorite go-to slip is the Chris from my Sheer & Smooth collection. My staple at the gym is my Rhiannon Ribbed Leggings. What is really exciting right now is my new denim! We offer fits to flatter any body type. It’s fashionable and functional – it slims, lifts, and supports in just the right places, and we incorporate a stretch fabric so that it doesn’t lose its shape after being worn a few times.

HS: What was the experience of being on reality television like? Would you ever do it again?

HT: It’s been a great experience and I’ve learned so much on so many levels. It’s also an amazing platform for me to promote my brand and the charitable causes that I’m most passionate about.

HS: What is your secret to success?

HT: Drive, go for it, make mistakes and learn from them, be yourself and be true to that, realize that when you do fail at something you have the strength to get back up again. I have so many, and am constantly learning from them!