a weekend lunch in the mountains

by haley sherif

When in Colorado do as the Coloradians do! Try as I might I always tend to bring a bit of the City Girl with me out West. Though when vacationing in Colorado I tend to dress down, snowboard pants while on the mountain and jeans while off, occasionally I like to include the details that resonate with New York City. I decided to take two days off, after four very long, fun, but exhausting days skiing, so I booked a few spa appointments, slept in, and made sure to join my family for lunch in town.

Though I tend to joke it’s hard for people out here to recognize me in anything but clothes 5x too big on me, yesterday’s outfit definitely wasn’t mountain wear, but it was perfectly oversized for a lazy Saturday. I can’t take the credit for the outfit since I practically stole it off of my friend Sam, she wore almost the exact look to Sunday brunch last week, however I did combine some of my own elements.



The look revolves around comfort so leggings are a must, followed by a soft tee, I chose a black Helmut Lang, and over the simple black a cozy, cute, and oversized ALC red long knit sweater. Though Sam choose to accessorize with our ACNE coat, Isabel Marant sneakers, and a Rag & Bone hat, I chose the more mountain appropriate Isabel Marant black biker boot, a Canada Goose coat, and a black PS1. But, it’s all in good fun I admire her great eye and she adores outfitting me! x