by haley sherif


I cannot believe 10 days have gone by as fast as the last week and a half has! I’m exhausted from skiing, but also well rested from going to bed earlier, eating tons and tons, and taking the time to relax, and waking up to the view above everyday. However, I am looking forward to heading home today, seeing the friends I miss, visiting my favorite restaurants, and indulging in some true home time. I miss things like Sunday brunch, lunches at San Ambrouse with my mom, shopping downtown with my friends, and Soul Cycle classes (can’t wait to get back on the bike in a few short hours).


The city is irreplaceable so I’m looking forward to spending some true one on one time with NYC. Traveling always presents the comfort vs cute debate – I like to combine both! I’m leaving Colorado in the same way I came, black comfortable leggings, a black tee, a Free City sweatshirt, and Nike kicks.

Screen Shot 2013-01-01 at 11.31.14 AM

It’s comfortable with a little bit of tough girl edge. I’ll be spending most of the morning and afternoon traveling so I plan on stuffing my Balenciaga full of magazines, a book, headphones, and lots more to entertain myself for the day!