OMG – Markus Lupfer Inspired

by haley sherif

OMG! That’s how I felt this morning. I got into Boston late last night and after unpacking, untangling, plugging in, rearranging, and organizing, I was beat, except I couldn’t sleep! I tossed and turned all night long watching what seems like endless episodes of Law & Order SVU and Sex in the City. After a rough night the day started early for me. I decided to go with an easy, comfortable, and warm look. It was a good choice since it’s snowing hard right now and doesn’t look like it’s going to let up anytime soon. Recently I found a Markus Lupfer sweater which I purchased at Blue & Cream in East Hampton this past summer, however I hadn’t worn it yet, most likely since it was buried under other sweaters. I decided the sweater, adorned with a cartoon bubble with the words OMG written in large red print was the way to go. I added a pair of R13 jeans, rain boots, and of course my Canada Goose – I couldn’t last ten seconds outside without it. I love the look, which was a little fun and playful, but also perfectly chic for the days activities.