snip snip ~ short hair on the loose

by haley sherif


before & after shots


new hair, cause for laughs

Saturday morning marked a new day in hair for me! After little thinking I cut it all off. Most spend weeks even months mulling over whether to cut, how much to cut, what to cut, etc. My friend told me to cut it off and I went for it (I’m not usually so daring or easily persuaded, but sometimes…)



Alexa Chung hair look alike 

Don’t get me wrong I was sweating the entire time and if I was a nail biter I wouldn’t have much left, but as these things usually do it went fine! More than fine I’m in love, unconditional love, for it actually. I think it’s a little a la Alexa Chung which is fine by me, but I’m loving all the comments, adoration, “oh, your hair!” etc. Give me a day (or a few of it) I’ve never gone short or drastic. But, it’s fun and makes a hell of a better Monday when there’s a fresh look to celebrate.


The Phillip Lim Jacke

This weekend I debuted the haircut along with a brand new amazing, gorgeous, to die for Phillip Lim denim jacket. It’s oversized chain patchwork goodness that’s a staple I can’t wait to wear throughout spring and summer. Though it wasn’t quite warm enough I took it for a spin regardless, heading to the Bowery to meet up with friends for a little shopping and dinner. I paired the denim gem with dark wash R13 skinnies, a white tee and Helmut Lang sweater, and Isabel Marant booties. I added a scarf because it’s still not quite seasonal weather yet.