Haley interviews Veronica Miele Beard & Veronica Swanson Beard of Veronica Beard

by haley sherif

VSB & VMB_hi-res portrait

Veronica Swanson Beard and Veronica Miele Beard

Veronica Beard is the brainchild of sister-in-laws Veronica Miele Beard and Veronica Swanson Beard. The American sportswear label was created in 2010. all. With a combined seven children between the two of them, the Veronica’s are an ideal example of women who manage to have it Below they share the story behind the label, how they define “the uniform”, and more! 

Haley Sherif: How would you describe your style?

Veronica Swanson Beard: I really live by the philosophy of The Uniform.  I am always inspired by the way American women in the 70’s and 80’s dressed so my style is more classic American.  I love the play of classic prep and boho.  A t-shirt or denim button own, jeans, a blazer, stilettos and a great old belt with a fabulous buckle is my go -to look.  I also love accessories.  I collect vintage clutches and jewelry.  The bigger earrings, pendants and bangles the better!

Veronica Miele Beard: My style is unexpected and eclectic. i love trying new things and sometimes take an occasional fashion risk. Generally speaking, I love wearing a classic and edging it up with a little rock & roll for instance, a moto jkt over an evening gown or a fur vest over a blinged army jacket.


magenta tux blazer

HS: You’re both juggling kids, social lives, and work. What’s your secret for doing it all?

VSB: We both have a good sense of priorities and family is always first.  We rely on each other in almost everything- business, husbands, in-laws, kids.  People can’t believe that we’re sister-in-laws and actually get along!  We realize we are exceptionally lucky to have one another and it doesn’t hurt that when we need to we can be in two places at one time because we have the same name!!

VMB: I think our secret is that we have each other. Veronica understands my situation and I get hers. We are always covering for each other and helping out.  It’s also easy that we are family so we can double team the in-laws!


white long and lean with zip off sleeves

HS: What are a few of your wardrobe essentials?

VSB: Denim shirts, J Brand jeans, Manolo Blahnik BBs, anything from Zara, Vintage bags and jewelry.  I love all of our VB jackets- my Spring favorites are the long and lean with zip off sleeves and the denim safari jacket.  I can’t wait for my Fall leather over vest- it was the thing that i wore throughout market and it’s just such cool statement piece and so versatile!

VMB: Classic VB jacket with different dickies for any time of year, leather balenciaga motorcycle jacket (by nicolas ghesquiere), vb peasant dress for the beach, a perfect fitting tux jacket, VB trek pants for casual or fancy occasions.


zinc tile print pant

HS: Tell me about the story behind Veronica Beard.

VMB: The story is that Veronica and I have the same name but are extremely different. In this, “we are our customer” and try to design pieces that we would want in our own closets.  We both love the same pieces, especially when we began with a line of only jackets with dickeys. The secret sauce to owning our individual style is how differently we wear and style the same pieces.

HS: Where does your inspiration come from?

VMB: We are inspired by icons through history and by what makes certain pieces classics and/or so memorable? We’re also inspired by the great women of today and how these iconic ideas can work into the girl’s daily life. What is she really wearing?


chambray safari jacket 

HS: Did you ever think you would be as successful as you are now?

VSB: That is the nicest compliment!  We really measure our success by the women we meet who are VB fans and tell us that we’ve really nailed it in terms of need and fit.

VMB: We’re successful and popular?

HS: Define “The Uniform”.

VMB: “The uniform” refers to all the pieces that we wear over and over day after day. They are the pieces you can’t live without and they make you feel comfortable and gorgeous. Uniform pieces are not too precious and are investment pieces.

HS: Name a few all-time favorites from the line.

VMB: My silk army jacket from our first spring line, (we have a better army jacket this Spring in case you missed the first), and the navy tux jacket that I wore with bell bottom jeans to the Stones concert! I felt the vibe of Mick that night.

HS: What woman does VB represent?

VMB: VB represents a woman who wants to feel as gorgeous as she looks effortlessly. She’s got some edge and is confident tackling every aspect of her day.

HS: Summer is on the horizon! What are your plans?

VMB: Plans are to travel a bit and visit as many stores as we can where we sell VB. The only way to truly understand our customer is to go to the stores and meet them. It’s fascinating to see and hear what women in different cities and countries are wearing and what they are looking for. We will be taking a trip this summer to Matches of London where VB will be carried exclusively for Fall ’13. We’re thrilled!

HS: Finally, do you have any exciting projects in the works?

VMB: We’re working on plans for a new showroom. It will be exciting to decorate and portray the brand from a new location closer to our office.