about me

Hi! My name’s Haley Sherif! I started the fashion dish in 2011 and since then it’s blossomed into a space where I can dish on the fashion news that’s fit to print – from the latest collections, to the newest trends, to fashion weeks, and exclusive interviews with the likes of talented editors, actresses, and of course the who’s who of the fashion business. But, what I love most about the fashion dish is the chance I have to connect with immense talent and then share those conversations with you!

I’m a born and bred New Yorker, but I currently live in Boston. I consider it the best of both worlds. Since I’ve written about fashion it’s made me think about how I dress as an extension of who I am. It matters what you wear, it says a whole lot about who you are and what you value. It doesn’t matter if you shop at Chanel or Zara, what matters is how you wear what you own! Don’t slouch, wear the colors that flatter you best, and know that a manicure and a blowout have the power to save the day (coffee never hurts either).

With close to 500 posts, interviews with the EIC’s of Allure and Gotham, Charlotte Ronson, Lauren Conrad, and Jennifer Fischer (to name a select few), the fashion dish continues to flourish! I’d love for you to subscribe, read, feel free to ask me questions, but to most of all remember that fashion’s an investment, treat it as such, and you’ll be more confident, much happier, and a lot sexier! Those are definite fashion DO’S!