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keyed in


The other day my friend got me thinking when she went on search for a cute key case. It definitely is chic to have to dump the contents of your bag onto the ground as you search for your keys, so a key case is a practical accessory to carry along especially when in college when multitasking means never having a free hand. I’m obsessed with the purple key case from Balenciaga that I ordered from Barneys and it’s been so useful so far!




from black to nude

It was a very calm Memorial Day Weekend and in this beautiful, but hot and humid weather, I couldn’t have asked for more. I spent the majority of the weekend with girlfriends. Though I spent Saturday getting my color done and doing some errands in workout clothes, I spent Sunday and Monday in a casual weekend uniform of J.Brand capri jeans and a mix of a tee from Vince and lace tank from Calypso.

On Sunday after a iced coffee from San Ambroues I decided to browse Intermix for a new clutch. Ever since I purchased my black YSL clutch from their I have basically used nothing else. It is literally the best clutch to take anywhere, mine’s a frequent flyer. Since it is almost the summer it’s time to retire the darker hues in turn for lighter nudes and whites. Since I’m loving white bottoms I thought I’d try to apply that love to my clutches.

I settled on a fun beige patent YSL clutch. It’s the ideal summer look because it goes with everything from my staple white jeans and blouses to cute short dresses. I can’t wait to use it for the first time this week. It’s time to transition from black to nude, and with a bit of luck some color too, xo

dive into the clutch

I love a fun clutch for the summer. When the nights are too hot to wear much else, but a short cute dress and cool wedges or sandals a clutch always adds a little extra something to the look. When I first saw this Kate Spade clutch, appropriately called New York Pool Party,  I got lost in the beautiful light blue and white color of the waves on the front of the clutch. Then I noticed the careful detail of the clasp, a small ladder leading into the smooth waters below. I love the idea of this clutch, so simple, yet such a fun piece to add into the summer wardrobe mix. Whether your diving into the cool ocean this weekend, or diving into a delicious dinner, this clutch is the perfect way to accessorize your weekend, xo.

Shady Lady

This week on the fashion dish it’s all about your Memorial Day Weekend essentials. Yesterday I gave you a peek into all the best looks for you and your guys at New York and East Hampton hotspot Blue&Cream. Today we discuss shade.

(two looks from Patricia Underwood)

Whenever I think big floppy hats I admit a bit of fear escapes at the thought of an oversized old look that lends itself only to protection at all costs of style. However, while browsing the June issue of Town & Country I came across a bunch of fantastic hats that provide shade and protection, but also look cute on! These hats below are the perfect shade and chic solution that’ll last all summer. Hats off to that, xo!

(wide brim beach hat from rag & bone)

(Hermes beach hat)

(fedora from Calypso)

bangle it up with Hermes

I love Hermes. From the beautiful classic Birkin to the fun and colorful bracelets and of course the tasteful orange boxes, there isn’t much not to love about Hermes. Since I was a little girl I’ve worn one of the bracelets my mother received from her parents when she was a teenager. It’s a thin bangle with interweaving gold ropes on it. It has a very nautical vibe to it and goes perfectly with the orange H bracelet I received for Christmas.

Yesterday as my mom picked out sandals I had one of those magical shopping moments when I was gazing through the glass cases and what seemed like hundreds of different color and design of bangles in varying widths. I did get to pick one out, but won’t reveal which one I finally decided on until I wear it. Until then here are a few favorites, xo.

go big or go home

Since I tend never to wear too many pieces of jewelry on a daily basis, when I invest in a piece I always pick the biggest and brightest ring, earring, or bracelet. Accessories transform an outfit, so there’s no reason to go all out with a great look, but leave out a big fun accessory.


I’ve been lusting after a great pair of gold hoops for the summer, I’m kind of hoping they become an accessory staple for me, like Kelly’s are for her (above). I spotted the perfect pair by Morra Designs at Calypso the other afternoon, but the size scared me so I decided not to purchase them, however since then I had been dreaming of dressing them up, down, and everything in-between.


I knew I had to have them. Not only are they a fantastic color, their gold plated so they look for expensive than they actually are. The best part is the price, right around $60! Such a hot price for a versatile, must have. It’s an old saying, go big or go home, but I have to agree when it comes to my accessories, I’m getting braver and bigger, blue heels, big hoops, just not all at once, but than again go for it, xo.

a favorite scent

We all have a scent we love. Whether it be the same perfume our mother’s used or a favorite flower perfume is yet another layer to our over all look. I put a lot of importance into the specific scent I use and in fact, it was a bit of a secret until now. I’ve used the same Calypso Violette perfume for years now. I believe it’s discontinued and dread the day that it will run out.


I received it for Christmas one year and have never looked back. I take it with me around the world, wear it from Colorado to Cabo, and have made it so it’s an essential part of the dinner routine. I tend to spritz a bit only for dinner, usually using a mix of moisturizers for a low key daytime scent. But, in the evenings it’s the last thing I do before I leave the house. In short, it’s a scent that I love and that reminds me of home wherever I am. Below find a few similar scents, xo.

LAVANDE eau de toilette

VANILLE eau de toilette

BELLINI eau de toilette

a color that makes the difference

Since neons are so in this season it’s no shock to hear all about color, but since last weekend I’ve been thinking of a slightly different color, that is hair color. Though I do admit to thinking it a bit vain when a girl can’t leave the house without the perfect do, I realized recently how important it is to me to always have nice hair. While some can’t stand a chipped nail I absolutely and positively can’t deal with messy and dirty hair.

Both Jen and Reese know that the key to a flawless look is the perfect do

Since dyeing my hair I’ve not only grown to appreciate my hair more, but I’ve also become much more confident in the way I look. I feel like I stand up straighter, look people in the eye more, and am generally just happier when throwing makeup on or looking in the mirror while brushing my teeth.

I went out to dinner with a girlfriend last night at the Spice Market, which is a delicious restaurant, and admitted to loving the weeks where I got to dress up and go out. Though I’d gotten dressed casually I decided to switch leggings for tights with a blue dress from Scoop, add booties, and a tailored white blazer from Theory.  She proclaimed “dressing up is just more fun!”

I couldn’t agree more. Fashion is all about tailoring the clothes for your unique look and the same should apply for your hair and personality. Sometimes it’s the little things in life that make all the difference, going from brunette to blonde was a turning point for me, and there just might be a smudge of truth to the popular saying, blondes do have more fun, xo.

happy feet

It’s pedicure season! With Summer like temperatures in New York it’s time to break out the sandals and of course the pedicures too! There’s a ton of fun colors to wear this season, but here are several favorites! What better time to start than this weekend with one of these fantastic hues from pastels to one hot collaboration between Nars and Thakoon there’s numerous options to ensure very happy feet.

Chanel Coco Blue 

Nars x Thakoon, in love with all the shades available May 1

Essie’s Ole Caliente

Essie’s No More Film


Have a chic weekend, xo


Camille Zarsky tangerine python clutch 

I love the warmer weather for one particular reason, it seems to call for a smaller bag than usual. I sometimes feel like I carry my life around in one enormous tote, so I’m definitely looking forward to the days when I’ll leave the house with a lighter load. I’ve already used my Clare Vivier fold over in grey, receiving a ton of compliments from Palm Beach to New York, and just recently purchased two other colors because I loved it so much.

Clare Vivier fold over clutch

What I love about a clutch is how multifaceted it can be. While some clutches add the perfect amount of glitz to an outfit other clutches, like the oversized Reece Hudson below or the Clare Vivier above, can take you from day to night allowing enough room to store the essentials to do so.

Reece Hudson oversized clutch 

A clutch can make a statement, add a pop of color, become a conversation piece, the amounts a clutch can do are endless. These bright clutches make for an on trend addition to your warm weather wardrobe and your shoulders will finally rest easy.

House of Harlow crocodile clutch 

here’s to the clutch, xo