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trench it

When in doubt trench it. That should be a well versed fashion rule especially on rainy days  like yesterday. I’m adamant that a raincoat has a hood and allows for sufficient hair protection, never mind the humidity we don’t need to factor in wetness to the hair formula, not a fun situation as all of us women know, but I find there is something so luxurious and even sexy about a woman in a trench. From fun colors and patterns to trench it doesn’t mean to resort to the classic tan look, but that’s chic too, it means to exude a dressed up, carefree air when it comes to our dress no matter the weather. Here a few favorite trenches, so rain or shine we’ll look fabulous, xo.

Rag & Bone Mies Trench Coat 

Old Navy Women’s Tab Sleeve Trench Coat 

Vince Camuto Classic Trench Scarlet

Tommy Hilfiger Heritage Short Trench Coat 



the crop tank

I’ve never been a fan of the crop top and in fact prefer oversized tees and blouses, but yesterday I made an exception and, well, loved the result to be honest! I wore a Zoe Karssen tank for the majority of the day, but as I added a touch of makeup for dinner I spilled some on the shirt and as a rule I just couldn’t leave the house with a stain, so I had to resort to a stack of other tanks. I knew it was warm out and I’d already felt like the tank was the perfect mix between casual with a mix of chic, so I had to be creative.


When I was about 10 we went to Paris over the summer and shopped at the famous children’s store, Bonpoint. I still have vivid memories of the clothes we purchased and have one tank left from the trip. I’ve kept it more as a memento than an actual wardrobe item, but yesterday I decided to try it on. It’s a pale blue tank with a small selection of roses around the neckline and straps. It’s super comfortable too which is a definite plus. It’s much shorter on me now than it was when I was 10, but since I decided to pair it with a Joie maxi skirt it revealed zero skin, but instead added another level of boho chic vibe.





I love fashion for a lot of reasons, but most of all fashion to me is the chance to mix and match, some old some new, and  to create new moments and let old memories live on, xo.

laid back lace

Let’s talk lace. It’s a new fabric for me, but one I’ve taken to well. Lace  seems like the ideal texture for summer time, not too warm, but also not too casual that it can’t be worn to work. The exquisite detail is what made me fall head over heels for it at first, but when I tried a blouse on the other afternoon while at Calypso that’s when I knew I’d found another perfect addition for summer.

For the love of lace – Sienna Miller knows how to mix and match with fun lace and patterned pants

These laces below have both a structured look for the office, but a fun flair too. Their an on trend compliment to for a dressed down black pant or a colorful pair of shorts and work to form a more dressed up look when paired with a cute maxi skirt, (make sure that the hem of the tank hits below the waist of the skirt so a mumu moment is avoided), or a white jean.





It’s a laid back lace look for dinner at fun downtown favorite, Buvette, paired with peach jeans, xo.

cute cardigans

(a simple look from Chinti and Parker)

I love a cardigan and recently they have been my seasonal investment. From winter cashmere to lighter wool for the spring and the summer a cardigan is the one staple I love to wear again and again. Recently I purchased two new cardigans, one of which I wore on Friday for my one in three outfit. It took me from an interview to more, so tonight I couldn’t wait to fashion another one.

(a fun pop of color from J.Crew)

I was home most of Saturday working so I was very excited to dress up and go out to delicious mexican food with my friend. We decided on Maz Mezcal. It’s a fun environment with the best food and we even spotted socialite Tinsely Mortimer there too.While I was getting dressed I realized what an ideal staple it actually is and for this season it’s the perfect compliment for any outfit from the office to dinner.

(celebrities love the draped cardigan look)

(Sienna Miller loves her Autumn Cashmere sweater)

(In Style has a fantastic roundup)

Here’s to the tried and true staples, xo

coveting pastels for spring

Pastels are the hottest trend this season. From nail color to shoe color their all over. I adore the color from the blues to the yellows. It’s the perfect hue for the warmer weather seasons and is reminiscent of Easter which is around the corner.

inspiration taken from these pastel macaroons perhaps

I can’t wait to sport the shade from a cute jean and blouse for an afternoon out or an adorable dinner appropriate dress with a pop of color pastel pump. I love the look and the stars do too. Here are a few favorite pastel looks that are so in. No fashion faux pas here!

Oscar de la Renta dress

Current/Elliot jeans

Elizabeth and James earrings

Jil Sander bag

Here’s to warm weather trends, xo

black or white blazer

(Cameron loves her cool black blazer with leather trim!)

Today I’ve been thinking about investing in a great blazer for the summer. Last summer it was all about the white blazer – with jeans, shift dresses, and even to dress up a cute short. Taking a cue from last season I think it’s imperative to make a new addition to my wardrobe, but the problem comes when I consider the black blazer.

(Elizabeth and James black blazer)

On the one hand I do love some white, but I do live in New York and while black matches at least more than half of my wardrobe I won’t be taking it to the dry cleaners nearly as much as I would be with a white blazer. I found two cute ones, both at Intermix, one black and the other white. I’m weighing the pros and cons, but I definitely could use some weigh in from my fabulous fashion dish readers on this particular fashion conundrum. I’d love to hear what you all think and which piece you’ll be adding to your wardrobe this season

Here’s to the blazer debate, xo 

The white blazer from Stella McCartney (Gwen loves it!)

to color or not to color

I’ve had color on the mind recently. Yesterday I decided, after much consideration on my part, to highlight my hair and I couldn’t be happier! Though the blonde is really light and blends in mostly with my natural color it’s been nice to glance in the mirror and see a little change, a little additional color, to my everyday look. Color is definitely in this season and more so than ever colorful jeans are so on trend. However, Samantha Yanks posed an interesting question today on twitter, what do you actually think of the colored jean trend?

It got me thinking it’s nice in theory and I love the red jeans spotted on celebs such as Miranda Kerr, but when it comes to use, your everyday average woman, what do I actually think about it. I do own quite a few pairs of these colorful numbersand wanted to add a few additional pastel pairs, but I still can’t decide how I feel on the subject. I love my red jeans as a change of classic white for summer, but the greens and blues are a tad too bright for me. For now I’m stepping a little out of my color phobia with slight highlights, we’ll see if I ever make it to wearing yellow jeans. I put together a few of my favorite trendy pants, they look nice on the page (and the stars) at least!

Here’s to not following all the trends, xo

These girls rock it in their colorful denim and show that yes normal ladies can sport the trend too! If you aren’t scared of some color that is.

popular peplums

From the runways to the red carpets peplums are so in this season! Celebrities like Emma Stone have been spotted in the on trend outfit and fashionistas like Court and Hudson’s Christine have provided advice on how to wear the trend. Here are five favorite peplums.

Here’s to seasonal trends, xo 

Emma Stone does pink and red peplum

Live Tyler does polka dot peplum

Who What Wear has the trend covered

Emma Watson has two trends covered – peplum and neon!

a back to basics update

Sometimes it’s just time to update your basics. Basics make up the majority of my wardrobe. Comfortable and chic tees are a must for me because whether I’m pairing them with leggings and sneakers or jeans and heels it’s the perfect piece to build from. Because it’s winter one of my favorite seasonal basics are sweaters! I’m mad about sweaters and I have hundreds of them. Last weekend I fell in love with Theory’s new cashmere sweater. It’s super soft and warm and the box cut fits me perfectly. I’ve worn it pretty much all weekend, (when I love something I fall into a pattern of wearing it all the time), and it’s the ideal basic. Basics are also perfect investments because you’ll wear them all the time, so I never feel guilty in buying another one.

cheers to the basics, xo 


men’s sweaters

the sweater falls at $198, so while it's under $200, it's still an investment, but a good one!

I’m loving the look of men’s sweaters on women these days. I find women’s sweaters to be manufactures too tight, so I always end up with a medium or large even if I’m mean to be an xs. It does depend on the cut, but more and more I find myself  “borrowing” sweaters from my brother. The only problem being that he’s massive, so the looks cute for a little, but it’s definitely not an everyday look. I decided to try my luck at the men’s J.Crew, which I spent a lot of time at over the holidays finding presents for all the men in my life. I tend to be drawn towards crew necks rather than v-necks.

I selected a dark blue crew neck that I’m actually wearing today along with my new booties. I feel like a men’s sweater is the perfect way to make an outfit comfortable, but make sure to stick to a realistic size. I’m a medium in men’s for J.Crew because they tend to run a bit small. What’s great about making an investment like this one is that I’ll wear this piece all the time – I do that to all sweaters! I can pair it with leggings and booties, black jeans, and even a skirt or shorts! A cashmere sweater is a perfect staple to add to your wardrobe. From winter to summer a sweater is a woman’s best friend (even if it’s men’s!).

Have a fashionable afternoon, xo