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cord time

I’ve been on a patterned pant kick all week – three days of patterned pants and I’m not tired yet (neither is my pant stash which is bottomless by the way). Yesterday with reports of a snowstorm, some daytime flurries, and a bit of rain, it seemed like the perfect day for corduroys and a thick cashmere sweater. I hadn’t worn a fun patterned pair of Rag & Bone cords yet so I decided to pull them out and wear them along with an oversized grey knit.

I am loving my black leather Isabel Marant boots for the fall and recently have been wearing my military green Smythe jacket a ton. I also added a huge cozy blanket style James Perse scarf that’s ideal for beating the winter blues.

It’s fun to have one cool look per season, and this season I definitely think it’s patterned pants for me! Just remember to balance the print with a basic colored sweater and tie it all together with a warm coat and cute booties.


printed pants, fishermen sweaters, and Mondays

Nothing seemed more appropriate for today’s post especially after the five day weekend! As I flew into Boston last night it felt like I had been gone ages, between friends, shopping, Thanksgiving, the city was abuzz – the holidays of definitely arrived seemingly overnight. The temperatures are not letting up, so my looks these days all include a winter coat and scarf. I have been really feeling patterned pants the season, my paisley pants last week from J.Brand were super fun, but today I opted for a pair from Current Elliott in tans and browns with a tribal inspired pattern.


Jessica Alba in the Current Elliott denim

While flipping through a magazine last week I saw Jessica Alba wearing them and so while I haven’t worn them yet it inspired me to put them on finally. Whenever I do a print I never go too crazy and reach for a fall favorite, a white super warm, super cozy ALC fisherman sweater. It’s the perfect compliment to the busy print. I tied everything together with black leather Isabel Marant booties and I was out the door ready to take on Monday, (or at least get coffee, get through classes, and get back to work!).

brown is the new black

Last night I went out with two girlfriends for dinner at the W Hotel. It was my first trip to the one in Boston and I had so much fun. I love a girl’s night out – good food, good vibe, and good friends is the perfect way to spend the weekend. What I love most about a night out is dressing up. Though I’m not someone who fusses over wearing makeup or doing anything special to my hair, last night I let my friends take the reins and decided to go for it.

It was well worth the effort. Adding a little extra umph to my look was exactly what it needed to take the look from day – I had worn the same look earlier in the week during the day – to night. The dress I wore, with tights,  is a favorite, it’s a loose silk number from Theyskens Theory with a fun dark pattern on it. I threw on a cropped cardigan from ALC and a brown leather jacket by Helmut Lang. To complete the look I added a long gold necklace with a dream catcher on it, a Pamela Love arrowhead ring, and beige Isabel Marant booties. The look was ideal for a night out on the town!

seeing red

New York’s weather has been all over the place and yesterday’s weather was no exception! The temperature was in the sixties for the majority of the day making for an unseasonably warm day, but another chance to forgo a winter coat for a cute dress. I definitely take advantage of the nice weather while I can, so instead of throwing on denim I opted for a red shift ALC dress, Isabel Marant booties, a Helmut Lang brown leather jacket, and a Pamela Love arrowhead ring to accessorize the look. While I don’t usually wear much color, Monday’s dress definitely made an impression.


It was a busy day so it was the perfect transitional piece – it worked for a visit at my old school, was appropriate for a delicious lunch at Sant Ambroeus with my mom, and let me be dressed up just enough for a charity event I attended at night. I love to support charities that support children’s education – it’s a cause near and dear to my heart. Last night’s A Celebration to Benefit New York Kids was a beautiful celebration of exactly that.


and then it snowed

Before we could fully enjoy fall, winter rudely interrupted! Must of us haven’t even had the chance to cycle through our warm fall sweaters before we had to bundle up in our winter coats, along with gloves, and a hat. Especially in Boston the weather has take a turn for the coldest. I’m still trying to get away without a winter coat, but as the temperature drops it’s getting much more difficult.

Nicole Richie is my workout muse – she always looks good coming from the gym, both practical and chic!

I haven’t done an outfit post in the last few days because to be honest my looks have been pretty boring. Just a lot of workout clothes! I’ve been trying to get to the gym a lot this week and the surefire way to do that is to put my gym things on at the beginning of the day. It works for me because once I’m in leggings and a tee I feel more than obligated to go to the gym. It’s a good way to get yourself moving especially if you can get away with it.

Cute sneakers make working out a lot easier – I love my new Nike Free Runs! 

Wintry wet weather is an ideal excuse for sneakers and a rain coat obviously. This week’s been busy with the election, (so happy with the results four more years of Obama!), and the usual activities, but I’ve been making time to run everyday. I only run for around twenty minutes and clock about a mile and half, but I both feel and look better when I do. Set a winter goal for yourself, the months will seem a lot less cold and blue if you do!

a dinner on Beacon Hill

I had the best dinner last night with two girlfriends on Beacon Hill! Sometimes it’s the best feeling in the world to go out, unwind, indulge in delicious food, and let loose. Though yesterday was definitely a lazy day, only a trip to the gym, a stroll down Newbury Street, and dinner, it was exactly what I had been looking forward to last week when I was stuck inside during the storm. Beacon Hill is a beautiful area in Boston, surrounded by fun and intimate restaurants, a cool vibe, and cobble stone streets, it reminds me of downtown New York which I absolutely love.

Though it was definitely a cool fall day yesterday I realize that I only have a few more days that I can escape not wearing tights, and I probably should wear them sooner than later to avoid a nasty November cold, nevertheless, I went for a fun bare legged look last night. I debuted a fun off the shoulder long sleeved Nicholas K dress from Blue and Cream, layered it with an oversized Helmut Lang knit, and completed the look with the cropped version of my Yigal Azrouel leather jacket. The dress is a dark tie dyed color, so the grey sweater and black jacket made for the perfect complement. I also enjoyed the layers, the cropped jacket, balanced by the slightly oversized sweater, and the knee length dress, made the look balanced rather then sloppy.

back to Boston we go

After countless hours on the phone with Amtrak and a handful of cancellations later, I landed in Boston this morning after a full week stuck in New York in the wake of the hurricane’s devastation. Deciding on taking the earliest flight out of JFK sounded like a good idea at first and pulling an all-nighter sounded like the smartest solution to being dressed at 4:00 am, but instead both resulted in an extremely long and tedious day. Lucky for me I wasn’t in lockdown alone, another girlfriend of mine, who also lives in Boston, was my travel mate, and the travel time flew by!

I have to say after a weeklong unexpected absence it’s nice to be back, back home to bean town, where I’m not on the phone every five minutes trying to get out of the city or glued to the news. It was nice to wander around Newbury Street with a friend and sit in the Commons talking, enjoying the chilly fall breeze and gorgeous trees, all covered in beautiful red leaves.

For a comfortable travel look, yet appropriate look for the rest of the day and dinner later on with friends, I choose comfy R13 denim, layered it with a Helmut Lang tee and sweater, topped it off with a leather jacket and scarf for warmth, and accessorized with Isabel Marant booties and a hamsa necklace from Giada Forte. Of course my Balenciaga tote made for the perfect carryall. Turned out my friend had nearly the same look on, Marants, Lang, and Balenciaga included – chic minds think alike!

Helmut Lang sweater

On a side note, I was going to stop writing for a month, take an extended break, but after an encouraging conversation with a girlfriend I realized that blogging is what makes me happy and what gives me a sense of accomplishment even on the laziest of days. Blogging has led me to make relationships I never otherwise would have and allowed me to engage in intimate conversations with the likes of editors, designers, and celebrities. If it makes me happy it’s worth doing. It’s silly to be scared. My friend accurately summed up why when she quoted an archaic writer – fate loves the fearless. So keep doing what you love, keep on your hustle, and don’t let obstacles ever deter you.

in the wake of Sandy

We never thought that it would be this bad – because no matter how many times Bloomberg told us to stay inside or to evacuate if we were in an emergency evacuation zone we didn’t listen or we chose to be hard headed and listen halfway begrudgingly hating being stuck in doors with nothing but the news and ourselves for hours and hours and hours of entertainment. Sufficient to say it was as bad, if not worse as they all predicted. Watching and rewatching on Monday night and practically the majority of Tuesday I realized just how enormous the Perfect Storm’s devastation would be.

the crane dangerously hanging after being knocked over by possibly 95 mph winds

But, it could’ve been worse, thankfully my friends who lived downtown area and by the crane on 57th street were fine, staying with friends and family, my friend’s stores in the Hamptons survived, my aunt’s houses on the Shore surprisingly untouched. It was a wonder to be that things seemed fine in my little UES bubble. On Monday night I sat in bed frantically transcribing the news to my friend who sat in her apartment sans power in complete blackout, I called my girlfriend who lives a mere five blocks from the crane that hangs dangerously on the 57th street, after hearing no news on the Hamptons I learned that no news, in time of devastation, can be good news, all four stores were unscathed.

four feet of salt water flooded the subways, over 600 miles of track had to be checked for damage making the train unridable for now

But, others weren’t so lucky. The entire downtown of New York is a ghost town, kids wander the blocks with no where to stay, NYU Hospital was forced to evacuate, the subways are closed down for the rest of the week, and that isn’t the worst of the damage. Though yesterday I decided to write a cheeky post, something to distract myself, when I woke up in my own bed, called my friend with clear service, typed out this post in full power, I realized just how lucky I am.

Stock exchange closed for two days – the second time in history that has ever happened

Though I joked about not having Starbucks for a few days, (it’s opened to New Yorker’s collected sigh of relief), laughter sometimes is the only medicine. I thought about how the last time in my lifetime such devastation and damage hit the city was during 9/11. It’s scary to think that, it is incredibly scary to contact your friends each day making sure they are okay, that they have a place to stay, to house your friends who weren’t so lucky, but at the end of the day New York is the city that never stops, we will get through it, and while we clean the debris and rebuild we are once more reminded just how resilient New York is.

there’s a new girl in town

Frankenstorm aka Sandy 

And her name is Sandy! I’m currently writing after about a week long hiatus due to work, socializing, not making the time to blog, etcetera. Sometimes things get in the way, but taking a bit of breathing room makes coming back all the better anyway. I’m writing while waiting for Sandy to show herself. Around six Amtrak shutdown, so I’m stuck in New York until further notice. I didn’t take the storm too seriously this weekend instead relishing in a spin class and fun and relaxed brunches with friends (brunching is a huge favorite thing of mine to do).

current read 

While I did get some extra water tonight and made sure I had charged my blackberry, I’m looking forward to being shut inside for some time. Tomorrow I think I’ll spend the day leisurely reading, doing some work, sending some emails, and hopefully getting a brand new post out, fingers crossed the electricity is working, while we wait out the Perfect Storm! I hope all are safe and sound – be indoors & be alert!

Mixed Prints

More and more I’ve found myself drawn to a mix of prints when getting dressed in the morning. While sometimes I opt for a simple denim and knit look today I decided to wear a favorite pair of patterned cords from Current Elliott. They are orange with small flowers on them, warm enough to shield me from the increasingly cold Boston weather, but cute enough to wear to coffee, class, and even dinner! I paired the cords with a simple tank and threw on a ALC white knit. I’ve been trying to accessorize more so I also added two beaded necklaces. It’s always about Isabel Marant boots these days, the slouchy look of the Jenny boots are so on trend, so of course I put them on as well – it’s nice to keep part of your look the same sometimes!