Shoes are a woman’s best friend! Never doubt the power of the perfect heel, summer sandal, or even sneaker! I’m a fan of colorful platforms (red soles are absolute perfection), classic looks, comfort, and downtown chic. It doesn’t matter the brand of a shoe, but it’s a must to invest in a few. I love heels, but I also have come to adore the casual weekend look of fun Nike or Isabel Marant sneakers with denim and a knit. While footwear should be kept appropriate in the office, outside it should remain practical. Boots are for me an absolute must, to pair with denim, dresses, or skirts, I feel most comfortable in them at all times. Find the shoe that fits best and build from there.


Favorite Brands to Shop ~ Chrissie Morris, Isabel Marant, Christian Louboutin, Brian Atwood, Manola Blahnik, and Nike