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snip snip ~ short hair on the loose


before & after shots


new hair, cause for laughs

Saturday morning marked a new day in hair for me! After little thinking I cut it all off. Most spend weeks even months mulling over whether to cut, how much to cut, what to cut, etc. My friend told me to cut it off and I went for it (I’m not usually so daring or easily persuaded, but sometimes…)



Alexa Chung hair look alike 

Don’t get me wrong I was sweating the entire time and if I was a nail biter I wouldn’t have much left, but as these things usually do it went fine! More than fine I’m in love, unconditional love, for it actually. I think it’s a little a la Alexa Chung which is fine by me, but I’m loving all the comments, adoration, “oh, your hair!” etc. Give me a day (or a few of it) I’ve never gone short or drastic. But, it’s fun and makes a hell of a better Monday when there’s a fresh look to celebrate.


The Phillip Lim Jacke

This weekend I debuted the haircut along with a brand new amazing, gorgeous, to die for Phillip Lim denim jacket. It’s oversized chain patchwork goodness that’s a staple I can’t wait to wear throughout spring and summer. Though it wasn’t quite warm enough I took it for a spin regardless, heading to the Bowery to meet up with friends for a little shopping and dinner. I paired the denim gem with dark wash R13 skinnies, a white tee and Helmut Lang sweater, and Isabel Marant booties. I added a scarf because it’s still not quite seasonal weather yet.


TGIF so Dress Up!

Newsflash ~ it’s almost the weekend! TGIF indeed. What I always find absolutely fascinating is that we are so exhausted by the end of the work week that it takes all the effort in the world to throw on one more outfit before we get to pull of the weekly uniform and sink into weekend casual wear. But, after having a really lovely conversation last night I just felt inspired to make today’s look count. I wore jeans all weekend and finally, despite the temps which are in the mid-30s today, I just felt like throwing on a dress!




And so I did it. Last night I exchanged the denim and tee which I’d laid out in preparation for this morning for a short Thakoon black and white dress and cropped ALC grey sweater with snakeskin-esque elbow patches. I accessorized with Isabel Marant bike boots and a black PS1. It’s a simple look, but I’ve received lots of compliments on it already.




It’s nice not to dress down just because we’ve made it through the week, it feels like a better time to dress up in celebration of a few days of R & R. So, next week plan to dress up, it also makes a transition to dinner that much easier, xo.

rag & bone chic


Yesterday was a gorgeous day in Boston, the sun was shinning, the temperatures were warm enough to walk around sans coat, and it was the perfect day to stroll down Newbury Street running errands and even stopping by Pinkberry for a cold treat. My friend works at Rag & Bone on Newbury and I finally had the chance to go say hi and get styled by her. She’s super talented and has a great eye so I was automatically excited for what the afternoon held. After taking me around the store and gathering a handful of different looks we settled on two key pieces that I just had to have – a gorgeous multicolored shrunk knit and a perfect thin black belt.




Both items complemented the R & B boyfriend jeans I was already wearing and when accessorized with Isabel Marant boots and a Rick Owens leather the outfit was complete. I’m wearing the knit again today and can’t wait to have fun accessorizing it when the warmer weather returns (winter is back again)!

not your boyfriend’s jeans



I am obsessed with boyfriend jeans. Ever since last summer I’ve craved the perfect pair, but like all denim it’s essential to find the pair that fits best and sometimes that means quite the hunt. However, hunt aside I’ve settled on two favorites from Rag & Bone and R13. Both are super comfortable, super cute, and super perfect to wear to class, brunch, and even to dinner spruced up with a leather jacket and fun clutch.



It’s all in the accessories, so though the denim itself is more relaxed you can change how the look comes together, super slouchy for an easy Sunday brunch, or more tied together for a weekday. Today I wore mine with Isabel Marant biker boots, an R13 cropped black tee, and an ALC knit, but over the weekend I threw on an oversized knit, ideal brunch look.



I’ve already received numerous compliments on mine! I can’t wait to wear them into the summer, boyfriend jeans are definitely an essential transitional piece, as perfect for winter coziness as summer beach BBQ’s.

warm weather dressing part deux

I am typing this while listening to the heater buzz, while buried in a heavy IRO sweater, while battling inevitable sleepiness (waking up every half-hour doesn’t make for a very lively next day), & since I’m writing this last night and you’re reading this today go along with me, you can insert those same surroundings to my surroundings this morning – it’s still cold, I’m still tired, and I’m definitely buried in another cozy knit. However, today’s post isn’t documenting today’s outfit, but Friday’s. I loved it so much and I didn’t get a chance to share it!



It isn’t enough just to throw on a sweater and coat or tee or coat, really the only way to stay warm in wrapped up like an onion, as Alexa Chung put it. I went for the onion look last week, all wrapped up, but a strayed away from my usual black and white and went for an all blue look – sometimes changing things up is good. Comfortable and chic are my mantra, so the look started with a grey Helmut Lang tee — best basic tees FYI — followed by a new ALC sweater in a delicious blue with a fun cutout in the back, topped with a Current Elliott denim jacket (haven’t worn it since it was 70 degrees out, it feels good to pull out oldies, especially summer oldies).



My Rag & Bone patterned pants are always a hit and made it easy to get away with minimal accessorizing, just Isabel Marant kicks, a Blue & Cream cashmere beanie, and I was out the door. Easy does it is a style resolution I’ll always follow xo!



weekend layers

Ah New York I love you! Today was one of those absolutely perfect Sunday’s that make living anywhere else increasingly difficult – it’s a double edged sword, distance makes the heart grow fonder, but distance also leads to homesickness at times. However, coming home to friends and family and getting to spend a relaxing long weekend, with some work mixed in-between, leads to an ideal break. Though the sweater look is getting increasingly exhausting, I’m craving resort, and while the weather this weekend seemed to at least semi agree (temps fell short of the 50’s), it’s still bundle up season. I’m a devote adorer of Isabel Marant shoes, I tend to wear the sneakers over the weekends, cute, yet casual footwear for a lot of time devoted to errands, coffees, etc.





This weekend I fashioned them a bit differently, I always love taking favorite looks and adding or retracting accessories, coats, or shoes to change it up. I’m obsessed with R13 denim, as in I wear it basically every other day, and it’s the ideal weekend wear, comfortable and worn in, but appropriate enough to wear to a nice lunch with a chic sweater. I decided to start basic, a Helmut Lang tee (favorite basic tee ever), and add a black and white IRO sweater for warmth, in addition I layered with a army green Current Elliot jacket, and the best winter coat – a Canada Goose. Though the weather wasn’t too cold at all I didn’t feel like dealing with my hair so I added a Blue & Cream cashmere beanie – so weekend luxe! It never hurts to change it up for the weekend, being causal and looking cute is a balance, but worth it.



black and white in TriBeCa

Yesterday was one of the busier days I’ve had in a while. It started with a leisurely morning of running a few errands, before I headed downtown to meet a friend at Blue & Cream. She fell in love with an IRO blazer I had recently purchased and needed one for herself, so I threw on R13 denim, a white tee, an oversized Helmut Lang knit, and a Smythe jacket, adding a necklace and Pamela Love ring as accessories (a friend told me the other day I never were jewelry and it’s true. New Year’s Resolution number 100 – wear more!).

We had a fun time shopping, after which we grabbed lunch at Gemmas with a few friends, after which I grabbed the fifth coffee of the day with another friend before heading back uptown to change for the night’s events. My friend was performing comedy in TriBeCa and a bunch of us were going with plans to go out afterwards, so I knew I wanted to wear something cute and fun, and the weather has been close to summer like so I definitely knew a dress would be the appropriate choice. I settled on an IRO black and white  t-shirt dress which scrunches at the waist, Isabel Marant boots, and a Yigal leather. I accessorized with a necklace also from Isabel Marant which I received for Christmas. It was a favorite among the girls and both the chic and comfortable choice!

lemon zest with a little Marant and IRO


A friend once equated returning to New York as a Breakfast at Tiffany’s kind of moment – you miss the sounds, the flow, even the smells at times. Coming home is an indescribable feeling. I like to dress up when I’m in New York, nothing too big, but also no sweats, or sweats on few and far between circumstances!

Picture 2

IRO Blazer 

I’m not a huge fan of color, shocking right! But, sometimes color is vital to adding a little something extra, so yesterday I took the plunge in a yellow blazer by IRO – I love this specific jacket right now, it’s at the top of favorite things. I have two other blazers by IRO, one is black and white, and the other has leather shoulder detail, but the color on this blazer was the perfect accent for yesterdays back to the city look. I didn’t have too many tees to choose from and I wanted a casual look so I gravitated to grabbing a patterned tee also by IRO and favorite R13 blue denim.

Screen Shot 2013-01-04 at 12.31.00 PM

I threw on the blazer, accessorized with a fun, and delicate Isabel Marant necklace I received from a friend as a Christmas present, added a cozy scarf and finally the ACNE shearling which catches everyone’s eye. My final touches were a black PS1 and black Isabel Marant boots. The outfit was definitely reminiscent of a friend’s usual looks, fun, playful, with an oversized downtown edge, but I adored it and friends seemed to too. It was ideal for lunch at Candle Cafe, lots of errand running, and an intimate dinner with girlfriends at a local favorite, Toloache. Sometimes it’s the easiest looks that work the best.


Leandra Medine (Man Repeller) in the ACNE shearling 

the seasonal skirt

Sometimes an outfit is so good you have to wear it twice! Thursday night I had a holiday dinner at Union Square Cafe with a few friends and a bejeweled skirt from Giada Forte topped with a white ALC knit was the perfect outfit for the night out. Last night I went to see a magic show at the Waldorf Astoria followed by dinner at The Four Seasons with my mom.


Both nights I accessorized with a Smythe green coat with a black furry hood, a grey cashmere scarf, and Isabel Marant black leather boots. The skirt was the focal point of the look so I didn’t want to overshadow it with accessories. Having a few key holiday pieces in your wardrobe makes dressing for the countless parties, gift exchanges, and get togethers easy!


green and orange with envy

With temperatures unusually high yesterday it was the perfect day to wear a dress! I had a busy day ahead of me and to make matters worse I have a ton of wash to do and very little to actually wear. However, I managed to pull out a newish 3.1 Phillip Lim dress that I had purchased a few months ago after seeing my friend in the exact same dress.


The Lim dress is a beautiful light green color, one of the season’s hottest hues, and is made out of material that makes the wearing in in the Boston wind bearable. I decided to wear it with a brown leather Helmut Lang leather, Isabel Marant suede booties, and orange Superfuture sunglasses which contrasted perfectly with the color of the dress to make for a fun mid-week look. I got compliments throughout the day and I can’t wait to wear the look again soon, maybe next in the mountains of Colorado (break is so close I can smell it)!

Screen Shot 2012-12-06 at 8.57.02 AM