five questions for Allure’s editor in chief Linda Wells

by haley sherif

I’m immediately awe struck by Linda Wells, Editor in Chief of Allure magazine, the first time I bump into her while having dinner at a favorite local sushi hotspot. I read Allure every month, paying close attention to her popular “Letter From the Editor” which always comes filled with good advice from dressing insecurities to her thoughts on the latest easy aging fix. Linda is a stunning blonde woman, tall but not too tall, blonde but not too blonde. She’s chicly dressed, but of course, not overly dressed. She is the perfect example of modern day elegance. Also a mother of two young boys, Linda evokes a working woman who balances attending fashion shows all over the world, but makes the time to have dinner with her sons and attend their school functions. In this brand new series, I interviewed Linda via email asking her five questions. Linda dishes on everything from why she doesn’t like to define her style to her favorite fall traditions!

HS: How do you define your style?

LW: I try not to describe my style–maybe because it’s so basic. I guess minimalist would be a kind way to put it (and boring, predictable, zzzz might be an unkind way). I like dresses, a skirt and shirt, high heels and one piece of big jewelry.

(Linda Wells on the right at Derek Lam’s show at New York Fashion Week last September)

HS: What are your favorite fall traditions?

LW: I love the changing of the leaves, going to Union Square Green Market and getting apples, decorating for Halloween and painting anyone’s face who’ll let me, cooking and making vegetables, spending days making Thanksgiving dinner. I love it all. In terms of fashion, I love wearing a sweater for the first time on a chilly night, love going to the fashion shows, especially in Paris, love buying a new coat. I love getting a pedicure even if no one sees it.

HS: What items are you coveting this season?

LW: I saw a black turtleneck sweater embroidered with a celtic cross at the Versace store opening party last week, and I’ve been thinking about it ever since. And I have my eye on a Givenchy military coat.

HS: What are your wardrobe “must haves”?

LW: I wear such basics that they’re all sort of must haves – a great day dress in black, navy, and a couple in colors (by Derek Lam, Michael Kors, and Martin Grant) that are good for tv, a form-fitting cocktail dress, (my current favorite is by Givenchy), a tuxedo, platform heels by Louboutin and Prada, ankle boots by Saint Laurent, a Balenciaga skirt, and a satin tie top by the Row or Celine.

HS: What would you tell someone who wanted to break into the magazine business?

LW: To break into the magazine business, write as much as you can for whatever magazine or website that will publish your work. Take any assignment for a city magazine, a local blog – just try to get published in something respectable. Then offer to contribute blog posts about something you know to a magazine website. If you’d like to be a fashion editor, volunteer to assist on shoots. Or work for a fashion PR firm like KCD or PR Consulting. Don’t give up! Offer to do any work they need and don’t expect significant money or recognition right away. It will come.